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Brawl during a Lingerie Football League playoff game

Wednesday, Aug, 27 2014

Nothing like hearing an athlete call an opponent a "Fat Ass Ho."

The Lingerie Football League, technically known as the "Legends Football League" is smack dab in the middle of playoff season. This video is from last week's Eastern Conference Championship in Las Vegas between the Atlanta Steam and Jacksonville Breeze. After the Steam won in overtime, the players got into a huge brawl.

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A 99-Pack of Beer....that you can buy.

Wednesday, Aug, 27 2014

To commemorate the release of its Anytime Ale, Austin Beerworks – in Austin, Texas --- has created “the world’s first and only” 99-pack of beer. The 99-pack is so over-the-top that some questioned whether or not the whole thing was an elaborate joke – but Austin Beerworks has confirmed that the 99-pack is, indeed, something you can actually purchase.

Each 99-pack will cost $99.99. Unfortunately, finding a 99-pack might be a little trickier. Austin Beerworks said the packs will start going out on Thursday. Only 20 of the 99-pack beers will be released this weekend…and only in and around Austin, TX.

The pack is 82 pounds and seven feet long.

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Two-Year-Old belts out obscenity doing Ice Bucket Challenge

Wednesday, Aug, 27 2014

Here's an amazing ice bucket challenge . . . from a TWO-YEAR-OLD GIRL in England.  She nominates three people and everything.  Then they dump the ice on her, and she lets loose with a pretty shocking obscenity.

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Wednesday, Aug, 27 2014

Though currently unverified, an ad running on Craigslist is claiming to be selling the chair from Alice In Chains‘ “Angry Chair” music video.

The ad states:
“For sale, the original ANGRY CHAIR from the famous ALICE IN CHAINS music video for their hit song “angry chair.” that’s right, this is the same angry chair sat in by none other than layne staley! own a piece of rock n roll history!

The person who posted that ad says that he was a crew member on the video in 1992, and after the shooting wrapped, he took the chair home. He went on to say that since then, the Angry Chair has just been sitting in his garage collecting dust. He’s asking for $1,500 OBO — He writes, quote, if interested, email me with your favorite AIC album and why you think you’re angry enough for the chair. money isn't important to me, just want to give the angry chair a good home.”

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Tuesday's Daily Dumbass

Tuesday, Aug, 26 2014

A math teacher at a high school in Arizona showed up for work drunk, and then cursed at students.
Students called the main office after the 57-year-old woman was slurring her speech and started swearing at them. The school called the police who say the teacher admitted that she had drank the night before…and then came out and said, “well, I also drank this morning…..and when the kids were at lunch."

She had a BAC level of .205. A school resource officer found a half-empty bottle of vodka, an empty single-serve wine bottle and an orange-flavored drink in her purse. The woman was also dismissed from a school in New Mexico in 2011 for a similar incident.

She told officers that she knew she was too drunk to drive, so she took a cab to work.

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