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Each State's Favorite College Football Team

Friday, Aug, 29 2014

Here's a new map on the web that shows which college football team is the most popular in each state. Courtesy of TicketCity, which used social metrics, Google analytics, and ticket pricing data to determine which college football teams were loved the most in each state.

It pretty much resembles at U.S. Map. Minnesota’s favorite college football team is Minnesota. Wisconsin is Wisconsin. That trend continues in Iowa, with the Hawkeyes as the state’s favorite.

**Look close and you’ll see that Alaska and Vermont do not have a favorite.

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Jesus is a Moth

Friday, Aug, 29 2014

Jesus can fly.

A Texas family spotted the image of Jesus on a moth. They believe the moth that showed up at her home with a pattern that resembles the face of Jesus is a "sign from above." The homeowner says she has been praying for signs of hope that she would find a way to help her daughter continue pursuing her degree.
The family looked into the significance of moths colors and learned yellow means hope and brown means important news.

The family said that if you stare at it long enough, however, it resembles Satan.

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Worse than 50-Cent's pitch? Much.......

Thursday, Aug, 28 2014

A lucky fan got a chance to throw out the first pitch at the Houston Astros game Tuesday. She was so excited that she forgot to let go of the baseball until it was too late.

And it’s not even a wild pitch. It’s just … terrible. She just slams the ball into the ground. But….she IS an Astros fan and that pitch could probably get her a job in the bullpen, but still.
They’re saying that it’s the worst first pitch since 50-cent threw his terrible pitch at a Mets game earlier this season…but she’s much better looking than 50-cent.

The mascot for the Astros, his name is Orbit, has a great reaction to her pitch too…..he’s standing directly behind home plate and just bows his head in embarrassment.

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Very bad music video -- How long can you watch....

Thursday, Aug, 28 2014

I made it about the 1:30 mark and then I decided I had better ways to waste time at work...

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Brawl during a Lingerie Football League playoff game

Wednesday, Aug, 27 2014

Nothing like hearing an athlete call an opponent a "Fat Ass Ho."

The Lingerie Football League, technically known as the "Legends Football League" is smack dab in the middle of playoff season. This video is from last week's Eastern Conference Championship in Las Vegas between the Atlanta Steam and Jacksonville Breeze. After the Steam won in overtime, the players got into a huge brawl.

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