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Eat a pizza win $2500

Monday, Mar, 31 2014

A California pizza place is offering $2,500 to any two people who can finish its “Big Kahuna” pizza.
The $60 extra, extra, extra large pizza is 30 inches in diameter and weighs around 15 pounds.

8.5lbs of dough are covered with 3.5lbs of cheese, and your choice of any three toppings, as long as one of them is meat.

The pizza place started the challenge by offering $100 and free pizza for a year but nobody took him up on it.
Since upping it to $2,500, 15 teams have tried—and failed—to dominate the monster pizza.

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Excited for Thunderstorms

Monday, Mar, 31 2014

Check out this video of this dude in Oklahoma. He was filming a thunderstorm and got a bit excited about it.


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Half naked news

Monday, Mar, 31 2014

Hot Tech Today appears to be an online magazine for tech news reported by half-naked women.

The mission statement for the website says that they created their website to keep people from being bored while reading their tech news.
The site’s promo video features a busty, bikini-clad woman, shrugging her shoulders as she describes geek stories that are coming up in April’s edition.

The site is getting some very strong reactions, both from fans and critics, with many people tweeting that the site is offensive towards women.

It’s a free app available on the Google Play store.

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Monday, Mar, 31 2014

Ozzy Osbourne has asked Baltimore-based The Brewer’s Art to stop producing their Belgian strong pale ale, called “Ozzy.” He has sent the brewery a cease and desist letter, but the brewery is hopeful they can work out a solution. The beer can features a hand-drawn fist with OZZY tattooed on the fingers (just like Ozzy Osbourne) and has bats, one of which is headless.

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is selling his own brand of wine called, “Symphony Interrupted.”
The wine is being released to commemorate his sold out performance with the San Diego Symphony on April 12th. It is available now for $40 per bottle.

Three Days Grace have confirmed Matt Walst will continue as the band’s permanent lead singer.
Walst was asked by his brother (Brad Walst) who is Three Days Grace’s bassist to fill in after original lead singer Adam Gontier quit the band over a year ago. Matt Walst is also the lead singer for My Darkest Days.

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Helmet Banana Split

Thursday, Mar, 27 2014

The Chicago White Sox finished 36 games below .500 last year, but things are looking up this season as the Sox may possess the greatest……… concession stand in baseball history.
This summer at US Cellular Field you can devour a:

• Bacon Mac and Cheeseburger!
• A Chicken and Waffle Sandwich!

And the real winner…

A 12-scoop, banana split in a full-size batting helmet for $17. The sundae has four scoops each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

It comes drizzled with caramel, strawberry sauce and chocolate syrup, and includes two bananas, whipped cream and cherries. It will weigh about three pounds.

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