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Monday, Oct, 6 2014

A guy in England has created a Kickstarter campaign to keep Nickelback from playing concerts in his hometown of London.He is hoping to raise $1000 in order to keep the band out of London for the foreseeable future.
On the Kickstarter page – titled: 'Don't Let Nickel Back' – the guy said: "With your help, we can ensure that the band does not schedule any gigs here. Just imagine, thousands – perhaps tens of thousands of music lovers – all not witnessing a concert by Nickelback in London. It will be glorious."

Those who contribute will have an email sent on their behalf to Nickelback's management.
This guy is a friend of the man who started the crowdsourced campaign to bring Foo Fighters to Virginia.

As of this morning, he has raised $87 from 18 different people.

posted by: James Patrick 17 days ago Comment On This Post

Oooo! A Wearable Bed!

Monday, Oct, 6 2014

There’s now a wearable bed that lets you fall asleep anywhere.
The Wearable Futon Air Mat Set can switch between coat and bed mode. The coat-like bed is full of padding so you can rest easily on the floor and it can also be rolled up like a sleeping bag.

In total, the coat weighs about 1.5lbs which should make it pretty easy for most to wear and carry.

It also includes an air mat so you don't have to sleep on the ground. In size it measures just over five feet long and two feet wide, while the air mat is about 9 ½ feet long.
The mat can take a load of up to 440lbs without breaking. It costs $40 and only available in Japan... for now.

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Six-Year-Old is f*cking excited to get his cast off.....

Monday, Oct, 6 2014

A couple days ago, this 6-year-old was finally able to get his full leg cast removed. When it was first put on several weeks ago, his dad reports that “he was very depressed — thought it was the end of the world.” So, needless to say, the youngster is relieved to have it off. Very relieved.

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Annoying Things Couples Do on Movie Night

Tuesday, Sep, 30 2014

posted by: James Patrick 23 days ago Comment On This Post