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RBI Baseball is coming back!

Wednesday, Jan, 15 2014

Remember RBI BASEBALL? It's coming back!

Last night, MLB announced that RBI Baseball game franchise would be returning.

The game will be released for current and next-gen consoles (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One), as well as mobile platforms. There aren't any more details yet, but it’s a big hell yeah if you were a fan of this game series on the old Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

The first of the series was released in 1986.

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ROCK REPORT - Wednesday, January 15

Wednesday, Jan, 15 2014

It was revealed last week that Hellyeah are putting the finishing touches on their still untitled fourth album, which is schedule for a release this spring. Now, in a short video posted online ---- drummer Vinnie Paul and vocalist Chad Gray are sitting in a car singing along to a new song blaring on the stereo. Check it out on Vinnie Paul’s facebook page.

As for the future of Chad Gray’s other band Mudvayne? It’s still unclear. Their last album was released in 2009, and they have been on hiatus for a while.

Judas Priest recently became the latest band to make a cameo on ‘The Simpsons,’ but not everyone was chuckling when the episode made reference to the band as “death metal.”

Finding some good-natured fun in the goof, the creators of the show made amends in the following episode, having Bart scrawl the words “Judas Priest is not death metal” repeatedly on chalk board in the opening credits.

Judas Priest is working on a new album for later this year and several members of the band will take part in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas next month.

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Tuesday, Jan, 14 2014

A couple has asked Reddit users to help choose baby names for their daughter expected to be born April 2nd. So far the top name is Amelia All-Spark for first and middle name but that could change. Other first-name contenders are Cthulhu, Megatron and Zelda. Not all suggestions have made the list. The soon to be dad said he had to remove some names related to sexually transmitted diseases and sexual positions.

So don’t expect their daughter to be named Doggy-Style Herpes or Crouching Tiger Crabs.

You can vote for her name at --- 51,000 votes and counting so far.
-A couple of the names voted on so far include: Streetlamp (243) and Salad. (739)

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ROCK REPORT - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, Jan, 14 2014

According to Pollstar, the average ticket price for a North American concert last year rose just 1.1% to just under $70.

Of the Top 200 money makers last year, Black Sabbath came in at #56, making nearly $20 million in just 21 concerts.

Nine Inch Nails landed at #68, raking in over $14 million in only 31 shows.

Motley Crue came in a #77 with over $12 million in 43 concerts.

Soundgarrden and Avenged Sevenfold also made the top 200 with each making over $5 million on tour last year.

#1 on the list was Taylor Swift. She made over $112 million on her 2013 tour.

The highest average ticket price last year belongs to the Rolling Stones at a whopping $228/ticket.

Happy birthday to guitarist Zakk Wylde, he's 47 today.

Birthday wishes also go out to Dave Grohl, he's 45.

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Old dudes running a race.

Monday, Jan, 13 2014

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