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Tuesday, Nov, 11 2014

Have you heard of the “Beer Mile Challenge?”

You run four laps on a track, and chug a beer at the start of each lap.

In Texas, a 44-year-old mother of six kids just crushed the women’s record. She ran it in 6:28, beating the old record by 14 seconds. The old record was set in 1997.

The men’s record for the beer mile is 4:57 which was set last April. That dude did it drinking Budweiser. This lady drank something called Alteration Ale from a brewery in Austin, Texas.

One of the rules the drink must be a 12-ounce beer of at least 5% alcohol.

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Best-selling NFL Jerseys among women

Thursday, Nov, 6 2014

Women make up a big percentage of the NFL's fans, and they buy jerseys, too.

Dick's Sporting Goods has compiled a list of the leading jersey sales among women, and they've also broken it down by state.

Here are some of the more interesting tidbits from their data:

• Three quarterbacks are the leading jersey in four different states apiece: Russell Wilson (Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho), Tom Brady (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wyoming) and Drew Brees (Alabama, Lousiana, Mississippi, Vermont).
• The top-selling female jersey overall? That of the Indianapolis Colts' Andrew Luck.
• It appears that the ladies are not as hot for Johnny Manziel as men are. Manziel is still tops in Ohio among women, but he's only 13th nationally at around 2% of jersey sales, but among the dudes, Money Manziel is No. 2 overall with nearly 6% of jerseys sold.
• Some of the regional sales are fascinating. Alaskan ladies love Tony Romo, for instance, and the Hawaiian females are nuts for Jamaal Charles.

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The Yaybahar

Thursday, Nov, 6 2014

The Yaybahar is a purely acoustic stringed instrument that sounds like a synthesizer going through bank of reverb and delays. Check out the video to see this unique creation in action.

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The Scroguard!

Wednesday, Nov, 5 2014

Someone is trying to market a new way to protect guys from herpes.  Just wearing a condom isn't enough, because herpes can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact.  So this company wants guys to wear basically a pair of latex underwear, that covers everything a condom doesn't cover.  You put it on and you look like you're wearing a kinky version of an adult diaper.  But even though it hasn't been tested, it definitely prevents herpes . . . because as long as you wear it, you'll NEVER get laid.

The Cost: a one-time fee of $20 to prevent a lifetime of herpes.

Below is their promotional video….and they try to rhyme a lot of the words…and it makes even more hysterical.

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Fastest Golf Cart EVER.

Wednesday, Nov, 5 2014

Ever wish when you’re putting around the golf course during the hot summer months that your golf cart would go faster so you could feel the breeze against your sweaty body?

A racing team in South Carolina has built a modified golf cart that has reached speeds of 118 miles per hour….and has set a Guinness World Record in doing so. 

*Previous record was 103 mph.

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