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Mon, January 13, 2014

Don't Like Sleep? Go To Vegas.

A week ago today, I returned to the reality of below zero temperatures and work. My vacation was over. I would have blogged about this a week ago, but I fell victim to a nasty cold and I'm finally starting to feel normal.

I vacationed in Las Vegas for 4 days with 6 of my closest friends and we all made it back alive. There were no Hangover moments. No meeting a woman and getting married at a drive thru chapel (Yes, that's a real thing out there). I survived 4 days of Las Vegas and I can't wait to go back.

The flight to Vegas, a straight shot from Des Moines (or Cedar Rapids depending on when you want to go) is the biggest lead up to the trip. This was the 4th time I had visited and while I'm not the biggest fan of flying, I can't sleep on the flight because I'm so excited to get out there. You go from flying over mountains, hills, and desert to flying over residential areas miles wide, hotels the size of small towns, and even theme park rides.

Believe it or not, 4 days out there is a very long time. But there is so much to do, it's difficult to fit all of it in 4 days. Whether your thing is going to shows, eating (restaurants galore), or just drinking and gambling, Vegas has it all.

Where we stayed is one of the newest areas on the strip. It's called the City Center and is made up of The Aria, Cosmopolitan, and Vdara. I'm not kidding when I say all 3 are the size of small towns. The first day we were there, we walked from The Aria to The Cosmopolitan and because we wanted to walk along the strip, it took us 20 minutes to get from one to the other. Remember, these hotels are practically right next to each other.

My friends and I are big sports nuts, so we picked a good weekend to head out there. We had so many basketball games, the NFL playoffs started, plus we had 4 big time bowl games. The Sports Books in these hotels are what any man would want for their mancave. Giant flat screen TV's, food options all over, and a waitress to bring you any drink you want.

I honestly could write 6 pages about how my trip was and how I had a great time, but I'm not going to do that. You should see Vegas for yourself. And the quicker the better. I say that because the Southwestern part of this country is expierience a water shortage and Vegas could change in 10-20-30 years. It's better to see for yourself why Vegas never sleeps. I'm already planning my next trip out there.